• Leadership - Developing a Good spot to be effective

    Emotional Paycheck
    Organizational leaders often talk about crafting a staff value proposition - making a great place to be effective; a great spot to find out, or even a great place to grow. Out of the box usual with a lot of these huge corporate transformation campaigns, a good amount of cash is spent, and many times the one people that turn out smiling will be the HR executives who can nicely tick business performance scorecards and the consultants who got purchased designing the EVP and running internal road shows and publicity. Months in the future these superficial programmes yield very little - employee engagement remains low, and talent retention remains at an increased risk. Obviously there are many of organizations who have gotten it right, nonetheless they definitely went somewhat deeper than an EVP campaign and road shows. It precipitates like the rest towards the character with the leadership in the institution, where that is wrong, no quantity of branding or re-branding can produce a change!

    Great place to work
    We have been preparing soon for any visit to the traditional city of Kano, that i'm really excited about visiting the best hotel on the planet - Prince Hotel. Perhaps its owner has not sat as a result of think of crafting a worker Value Proposition, but judging from my visit over 5 years ago, he's an EVP well wrapped up under his belt. Employee engagement is approximately incentivizing the right behaviour, rather than playing favourites having a lot of yes guys who is typical with organizational leaders today. At Prince, the place personnel obtain a big share from the service charges, so they really would try everything to help keep you satisfied and locked up inside your rooms ordering room service the whole day - It functions you realize! Conversely, Going the way a young employee in the bank once said that they suffered under his boss for some time for calling her by her name, which has been the right thing to do since the organization were built with a first-name open-door policy. He soon learned of his "unacceptable" behaviour, started to append Aunty and "Ma" before her name, and soon she got a long-awaited promotion!

    You might recall installments of the award winning TV series on NTA - Super Story in which a company CEO served up some specially concocted jollof rice for supper on a daily basis with the canteen and also got away with hypnotizing his employees to be effective with out a salary. Some day the spell wore off, and also the attempt at manipulating employees for the short term like quite a few organizational leaders try and employ myopic incentives and political camps on the job.

    One of several saddest leadership stories around motivating employees that I remember from my own career was eliminate year party the location where the party committee had reserve lavish gifts of microwaves and deep-fryers for that "managerial" cadre staff and fewer stylish plate sets and cup sets to the "non-managerial" cadre. I might be wrong, however i might have believed that when it comes to impact the wife of 1 of our own drivers would have been more impressed having a deep-fryer, that my partner who already meet the expense of one and indeed still had two extra in their store from the old wedding gifts. Right thinking leaders might have either provided precisely the same presents for anyone or possibly even taken the bigger road and because of the more junior staff the harder lavish gifts. It's just a grab-grab attitude which is becoming so pervasive. We all know you are managers - your salary, status cars along with other perks already show it. Must you rub it in to the faces from the spouses and kids of your respective junior colleagues even at the Year- end Party?

    We have even had CEOs of Nigerian organizations who have separate elevators inside their buildings, forgetting that someday when they leave the headship they need to join a normal lifts. I saw that happen in the government building in Abuja having a former minister, and had a really good laugh!

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